From the night you start to use SleepBank, your body will slowly improve, but the rate will vary between individuals. It will take approximately one to four weeks before your body feel the change, such as feeling more energetic the next morning, more stable emotionally, etc. If you are using medication to sleep, it will take up to two to three months before you feel an effect. SleepBank does not rely on biochemical methods to deal with sleep problems, but uses biophysical resonance to repair problems, and so requires long-term use.
SleepBank uses the principle of frequency guidance, and not medication, so there is no issue of reliance. After using it for some time, the body will start adjusting itself to find a balance, and you will clearly feel more relaxed. You will not feel you need it even if you stop using it. However, if you still have not adjusted your lifestyle and habit, and you let yourself revert back to your old pattern, your body will feel unbalanced once more.
SleepBank was designed to enhance deep sleep, so even if you don't have sleeping problem, it can still enhance your bodily functions. Sleeping take up a third of people's lives, and it is a time for the body to repair itself. Imagine that during sleep, your body is in the biophysical repair frequency, it is like giving yourself a daily deep body cleanse and healing session!
The SleepBank is totally different from the objects with high frequency electromagnetic waves, such as mobile phones and wifi. SleepBank does not produce harmful electromagnetic waves. Moreover, the intensity of SleepBank is lower than the Earth's magnetic field. In addition, SleepBank has passed the certification of FCC of USA and CE of EU.
Yes, it is. SleepBank is helpful for individuals of all ages.
SleepBank covers two individuals in the same bed. The product works in an area of 2X2 meters and still works if you’ve turned over. It is recommended that you both have your own SleepBank for best results!
You will begin to see that it is easier for you to fall asleep at night. The chance of you waking up in the middle of the night will be greatly reduced, and falling back asleep if awoken will be a breeze. With long-term use, your sleep schedule will be properly aligned.

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